How Fillers Can Improve Your Look

Liking the way you look often correlates to liking the way you feel. Those who lack confidence or self-esteem may find face-to-face fillersencounters awkward and feel as though their appearance affects their day-to-day life. However, your dermatologist can help you find dermatological procedures which can help boost your confidence to make you look and feel your best. Learn about dermal fillers, a popular dermatological procedure provided at Aberdeen Dermatology Associates in Aberdeen, SD.

What is a dermal filler? 
Dermal fillers like Juvederm, offered at Aberdeen Dermatology Associates, plump trouble areas of the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds. During the procedure, your doctor will inject the filler directly into the skin on your face using a tiny needle. The filler plumps the skin, filling out the indention caused by the wrinkle or fold and smoothing the skin. Dermal fillers are often used alongside other cosmetic dermatological procedures like microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing to overhaul your look.

How can dermal fillers help me? 
Dermal fillers create the appearance of healthy, more youthful facial skin. If you notice that your facial skin has become dull, sags, or has unwanted wrinkles or folds, you could benefit from dermal fillers. Your new and improved appearance can boost your confidence and allow you to feel great about the skin you are in. Your newfound confidence can help make social interactions more enjoyable and less difficult.

Dermal Fillers in Aberdeen, SD
Most appointments for dermal fillers last only about 30 minutes and provide some immediate results. However, most patients will see the extent of their treatment after about two weeks. While some patients may notice some slight irritation or redness at the injection sites after their treatment, there is no required recovery time and patients may return to their daily activities directly after their appointment with their dermatologist.

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